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Greer provides comprehensive Hazardous Waste Management services for our clients. Our diverse team of technical professionals have backgrounds in chemistry, biology, regulatory oversight, health & safety, and laboratory settings. In addition, Greer’s team of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (CHMM) allows us to meet our clients’ needs while staying committed to the highest standards of environmental responsibility.


I have worked with Craig and his company for over five years and have had excellent service. Whether it was on numerous special projects or the routine disposal of wastes, they were 100% professional and gave me comfort knowing that they had the knowledge and ability to do the correct things. Craig's deep technical knowledge is a major added benefit in working through to a solution. It was as though he worked for our company and helped arrive at solutions that would not have otherwise been identified. I highly recommend trying Greer Enterprises, you will not be disappointed. ​

Frank Tortorici

Greer Enterprises was my primary go-to for hazardous material disposal. Not only did they help me with the confusing and difficult questions regarding RCRA and DOT laws, but Craig Greer, the president, never hesitated to stop what he was doing to help me work through regulatory issues outside of waste disposal; it never mattered whether or not the questions were in reference to a project he would handle for us, he was always willing to help his client. He truly believes in customer service and is a truly honest and standup guy. I would never hesitate to recommend Greer Enterprises for any sort of regulated waste handling. Mr Greer is, by far, one of the most competent and knowledgeable environmental professionals that I have had the pleasure to work with (being an environmental professional myself, before I took a new position), and he truly cares about customer service. For instance, I was working out of town on a project and was unavailable at the office to sign a waste manifest. Mr Greer brought the manifest to me while I was on another job to help us ship our waste before our 90 day holding period had lapsed. You can never go wrong using Greer Enterprises.

Christina Sellers

Greer Enterprises has been a part of our Sartomer/Cray Valley/Total family for 14 years. Craig is our go to for any hazardous waste disposal or hazmat shipments. Thank you for being such a great resource and friend.

Sherry Ross

We switched our medical waste disposal service to Greer in 2015, and it is the best decision we could have made regarding our medical waste management program. In addition to their reliable and friendly service, we chose them based upon their ability to assist us with meeting our compliance goals. We highly recommend using them for your medical waste removal and compliance needs.

James Kaufman, DMD

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Greer Enterprises, LLC - Simplifying Waste Management

Greer assists clients in understanding and managing their compliance needs, applicable regulations and requirements. Our comprehensive waste services allow our clients to focus on their core business efforts. By providing initial audits, continued communication, guaranteed response, and exceptional customer service, Greer helps you manage the process every step of the way.