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Stella Floyd Fickling

Stella Floyd Fickling is a dedicated and motivated environmental professional with a strong scientific background and interest in the fields of biological research, conservation and sustainability, with experience gained in both laboratory and field applications.  Stella received her Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology from the University of South Alabama where she gained technical experience in various environments and conditions.  Specifically, she participated in marine research, collecting and analyzing data on bottlenose dolphins, sharks, & rays, as well as studies funded by the National Science Foundation.

As an Assistant Project Manager at Greer, Stella applies her knowledge and skills to a broad range of activities to meet the individual requirements of each project she is assigned.  Stella has strong organizational and problem-solving skills and is detailed-oriented along with the ability to multi-task.  Her strong communication skills, including the ability to communicate complex information clearly to senior management, makes her an asset to the Greer team.

When not working, Stella enjoys spending time with her family, friends and pets.  She enjoys hiking, camping and experiencing the great outdoors.  She also enjoys volunteering with organizations that work to strengthen and protect the environment, specifically the Gulf Coast.  Stella was born and raised in south Alabama and currently resides in Grand Bay.