» R. Craig Greer, Jr., CHMM

R. Craig Greer, Jr., CHMM

R. Craig Greer, Jr., CHMM has 25 years’ experience in the environmental and waste management industry. Craig is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Biology from Auburn University, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of New Orleans. Craig is the founder and owner of Greer Enterprises, LLC (Greer), which is currently in its 16th year of operations. Prior to founding Greer Enterprises, he was a regional manager for a nationwide environmental remediation firm. Craig also has experience working for the Alabama Department of Environmental Management while completing his undergraduate degree.

In addition to the daily operational management of Greer, Craig continues managing projects of varying size and complexity. These projects range from thermal desorption of several thousand tons of Creosote-impacted soils, to removal of RCRA Hazardous Wastes from the US Navy installation in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Craig also manages industrial cleaning projects such as cleaning of storage tanks housing petroleum products and RCRA Hazardous Waste. He specializes in the characterization and management of varying waste types, including RCRA-regulated waste, regulated medical waste, NORM waste, NOW waste, and non-hazardous solid waste.