Capabilities to meet your needs

Greer assists clients in understanding and managing their compliance needs, applicable regulations and requirements. Our comprehensive waste services allow our clients to focus on their core business efforts. By providing initial audits, continued communication, guaranteed response, and exceptional customer service, Greer helps you manage the process every step of the way.


Committed to the highest standards of environmental responsibility

Greer handles all waste responsibly, safely and effectively. We help you reach your sustainability goals by providing appropriate and cost-effective options, opportunities, solutions and alternatives for your complex needs.


Safety First is the primary goal for our employees and our clients

Greer has a dedicated team of trained professionals ready to assist you. Our knowledgeable employees are trained annually to stay updated and in compliance with OSHA, DOT and EPA regulations.


National Provider with local service quality

We provide local, regional, and national services that provide you with the small-town customer services your company expects and deserves.  We work with a vetted and pre-qualified network of vendors and suppliers to provide efficient, effective disposal solutions. Greer has the financial strength to initiate and complete large-scale, long term projects by implementing our sound quality assurance practices and capabilities.


Simplifying Waste Management

Our motto at Greer is simple. We are here to remove the complexities of dealing with the myriad of waste management rules and regulations and provide our clients with straightforward, workable solutions for their waste management needs. Contact us today to find out how we will simplify waste management for you.


Company Highlights

Over 50 years of combined environmental experience

16 years in business


  • Hazardous Waste Transporter
  • Medical Waste Transporter
  • Environmental Contractor
  • UST Closure Contractor

Greer Enterprises LLC