Greer provides a cost-effective waste management program with full service solutions for your complex needs.

Navigating environmental regulations can be a tough job – even for clients with a fully staffed environmental department.  We pride ourselves in our mastery of these regulations.  Our technical staff assists clients in understanding and managing their compliance needs and the applicable regulations and requirements of EPA, DOT and specific state regulatory agencies.

The good news is – you don’t have to go it alone.  Allow our expert Certified Hazardous Materials Managers and supporting staff assist your organization with remaining or becoming compliant with these regulations.



Our team will develop and maintain a RCRA compliance program to meet your needs. Our program services include the following:

  • Performing waste audits for all waste types that your facility generates
  • Developing plans to get your facility in compliance
  • Performing periodic site visits to ensure continued compliance
  • Providing proper labeling and signage based on your needs
  • Performing site inspections of your container and storage areas
  • Providing spill prevention, countermeasures and control (SPCC) guidance
  • Examining your stored records, including manifests, LDRs, and waste profiles, to ensure your waste is accurately characterized
  • Providing employee-specific training relative to their job function for RCRA compliance


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