Odorant Tank Decommissioning Program

When mercaptan odorant tanks become outdated or lose their integrity, they require replacement.

 Even empty, the mercaptan/odorant tanks still may contain a flammable atmosphere and pose a threat of a substantial odor release if not handled properly. This deodorization process can be extremely dangerous if strict protocols are not followed. Greer Enterprises, LLC. has a residual mercaptan management program that can safely remove these threats and ultimately recycle the odorant vessel.

  • We offer odorant tank and equipment transportation, decommissioning and salvage.
  • Our Biologically based deodorization method is Non-Toxic, Biodegradable and Sustainable.
  • Our process was developed in-house, and the actual deodorization process is performed by our own team of degreed scientists.

Our Process & Safety

Greer Enterprises, LLC can provide safe transportation of empty odorization equipment or we can receive empty equipment at our Mobile, AL facility. Deodorization and disassembly are performed on our site. We have engineered a deodorization process that eliminates the possibility of explosion and the release of unwanted vapors and odors. Once deodorization is complete, equipment and vessels have their atmospheres tested and are then disassembled and salvaged.