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DEA Drug Take Back Day

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The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is sponsoring another drug take back day on October 26, 2019.  This will be the 18th such day designated by the DEA for the safe and anonymous disposal of prescription medication.  According to the statistics reported by the DEA, the total amount of drugs collected at all events to date totals nearly 6,000 tons.

Why Participate

Unused medication can pose some serious hazards to humans and the environment.  Expired medication can cause harm to the user or be ineffective which can cause health problems.  Additionally, unused medication can be taken by accident by members of your household, or be abused and lead to dependency.

Where To Go

The DEA website has a “Collection Site Locator” to assist in finding sites close to you.  You can search by zip code, county, city and/or state and set the radius to find the most convenient location to drop off your unused prescription drugs.  Many people believe it is safe to flush unused medication down a drain but, according to the EPA, most water treatment facilities are not able to effectively filter out the drugs.

Our Take

This is a great program for the public and the environment.  We, here at Greer, regularly assist our customers in the proper disposal of pharmaceutical waste which includes unused/expired/damaged medication.  If your facility needs assistance, give us a call today!


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